Sherri Martin creates vivid miniatures depicting the junction of arctic wilderness and human intervention. Polar bears and seals confront buoys and kayaks in scenes referencing natural history dioramas, carefully crafted from found materials such as styrofoam and paper. Martin gently reminds us that conceivably these landscapes will one day become only nostalgic souvenirs. While Martin hints at the potential destruction wrought by global warming and human encroachment, the intimate scale of the pieces, and the accessible, comforting way in which these monumental scenes are rendered creates an engrossing, complicated warning. (The Lab, San Francisco, 2009)

After Hiroshi Sugimoto, 2007
14" long x 10" wide x 10" tall, mixed media in plexiglass box

Buoy and Bear, 2008
12"long x 8" deep x 6.5"tall, mixed media in plexiglass box

Frobisher Bay, 2008
23" long x 15.5 " wide x 15" high, mixed media 

Seal Island, 2008
10" long x 6" wide x 4" tall,  mixed media